Summer on the beach!

Summer on the beach starts officially in Chiclana after the fair is over.

We had a wonderful time at the fair this year: great company, food, dancing, a carriage ride and fireworks on the last night.


July is here!



The school year is over and many people join us to keep up their English over the summer. The beach is starting to get crowded and all the summer beach services are available now. It is a big change from winter’s empty shores.

Lots of families! Sometimes we go for a swim during our summer walks.

Our walking schedule continues to be Fridays at 11 a.m. and Sundays at 7 p.m. Don’t forget we sometimes have Special Events so make sure to like our Facebook page to stay up to date.

La Feria 2014



Two special events for the Chiclana Fair:

Thursday June 12th at 1 pm meet at the Botero “plump lady” statue for a stroll through the fair (with the option of tapas)

Sunday June 15th, meet at 9 pm at the Taj Majal Indian restaurant across from McDonalds for dinner with a walk through the fair and fireworks afterward. Confirm for dinner at

Special Event Saturday May 24th


Special event: Saturday May 24th, visit to the Hermitage below Medina Sidonia, 12 noon to 2 pm, 2€ donation. Optional coffee at Venta Machín (Medina Sidonia) 11 a.m.


Carlos, the hermit at the hermitage, will explain some things to us in Spanish. The ermita is near the aerodrome below the town. It is built on a Roman road and has a tower built by the Romans.


Meet at 11 for optional breakfast at Venta Machin or at ermita at 12 noon.


Special Event: Saturday, February 22

We will meet in Chiclana on Sat Feb 22, 12 noon, near the Cafeteria at Eroski to carpool. We will drive to Jerez and attend this Open Doors event sponsored by Reverde Cooperativa Andaluza Agricultura Ecológica.


There will be a market with a variety of local organic products including beer, wine, handpainted clothing, ceramics, cheese and of course olive oil.

la reverde4Wine brought to us from Trebujena byJosé Cabral


Creative Handpainted Clothing and Textiles by Tomate Coloraolareverde9

Cheese by  Granja Puerto Carillo

Beer by  Comando Cervecero La Orden Del Caos


Original Ceramics by Ceramica Enuso


Yummy Olive Oil by Huertolivalareverde8

The open doors event includes a visit to the vegetable garden, workshops for children and adults and also a bar to have organic drinks and snacks.

The event seems worth a visit. If you’re interested in joining us remember we will be carpooling from Eroski or you can go on your own and meet us there.

Bring a sandwich! We may take a walk later on in Jerez.